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These three pages are required reading before booking a session. (Especially: Before contacting me about a lost animal please read the FAQ and follow the explanation link in the “Why I No Longer Do Lost Animal Sessions” section, thank you.)

“If you talk to the animals, they will talk to you,
and you will know each other.” (Chief Dan George)

Welcome to, the website of animal communicator and consultant Gayle Nastasi.

Important Note: I offer a holistic approach to working with your animals. I do not rely solely on animal communication to help people help their pets. You will be given advice on behavior, training, environmental enrichment, and in some cases diet and supplements. You will be referred often back to your veterinarian(s), to informational books and websites, and to trainers and behaviorists. Do be aware that when scheduling a consultation with me, my view is that being the best caretaker for our pets means that we are willing to put the time and resources into approaching every situation with the view of whole-life improvement. Just “talking to them” very rarely, if ever, is the whole solution to any problem.

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The Animal Consulting section of the site covers detailed information about pet communication, rates and terms,  and provides contact points to set up a consultation,  There  is also an ever-growing bookstore (linked to the Book Shop page), where you may browse, review, and purchase a selection of books on animal communication, animal care, positive reinforcement training, and spiritual well-being titles for the human half of the equation.  Be sure to read through the FAQ, Rates and Services, and Service Agreement page, which answer most questions people have about the services offered (and always feel free to ask any lingering questions).

Stop by the Writing section, where you may view sample works and inquire about professional services  if you need a writer for a project.  There are links, both on the Writing sub-pages and via the drop down menu on the right, to current writings in the form of blogs, and samples of past works.  You will also find information about my own published titles here.

Personal pages, including several hobbies and pages centering on animals are available, as well.  You will meet the family pets both here and gone, and learn about various rescue and animal welfare efforts.  Employ the drop down menu at the top to navigate to these pages, say hello to the pets, and learn about Northeast Llama Rescue and Barnyard Sanctuary, Inc., New York Wildlife Rescue, and the Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, Inc.

The Archives and Categories sections (drop-down menus below) contain blog entries on various topics.  Be sure, especially, to check in often with our News and Updates entries.   There you will find the archives of Creature Thoughts, the free monthly animal communication e-newsletter, and discussions about many topics, such as the paranormal, animals and animal rescue, photo-journals on gardening and wildlife, and sometimes even wisdom from beyond courtesy of Pree, a very special Siamese cat.

Looking for older archives of the various blogs?  Check the Assorted Writings page (top menu under Writing) for links to posts older than May of 2009.

Gayle Nastasi has been in professional service as a pet consultant and communicator since 1999, with clients (and their pets) from all over the world and all walks of life.  She is also a wildlife rehabilitator, animal rescuer, author, amateur photographer, amateur gardener, knitter, pet-mom and, of course, wife and mother of a wonderful family. Her professional animal experience in many aspects of care, training, and welfare extends back to the 1970s.

All photographs (other than those which appear in ads) and writings on these pages are ©Gayle P Nastasi and Gazehound’s Animal Consulting unless otherwise noted,  and may not be used without the express permission of the photographer/author.

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